Several ways to tell you what to do when others are using the high beam

Several ways to tell you what to do when others are using the high beam
Far light is one of the most important functions of a car. Compared with the near light lamp, the light in the far light is shot in parallel, the light is concentrated and the brightness is large. It can take a higher and farther object, which is very helpful to the sight of the driver at night. But there are still a lot of people in the society who are abusing far light lights, and I think no matter who is suffering from a long light, there is a lot of pain and annoyance. Today we come to say what to do when the other vehicles are shaky.
1: when the car was swayed to the car
1. Hide the light spots as soon as possible
Because the eye sees a very strong light in the eye, the pupil will shrink instantly, and it takes a long time to restore the object that can be seen in the dark light, so the road ahead of the vehicle in the distant light will find the road ahead even under the light of the light. So when we find the vehicles with far lights in front of us, we are going to try to develop the light as much as possible, although we are too glowing, but it can ease the observation of the road after the recovery to the dark. My personal experience is that the eyes can see the edge of the right side of the road ahead, so as to avoid being swayed while still seeing some roads.
Flash a few bright lights to remind the other side, do not open the high beam for counterattack.
While doing the above actions, the left hand can switch the light switch to give a hint to the other, so that he can turn off the beam. But not everyone will shut up. Maybe they don't know that they are driving a high beam. In this case, we do not long open a long light to fight against each other, which will cause the other's eyes to become blind, he also can not see your side of the situation, the two to the car can not see each other is a very terrible thing!
Slow down and slow down
If you can't see clearly the situation ahead, you simply slow down, slow down, or even pull over and let it go safely in the past. Because at this time, except for two beams of white flowers, everything beside them was not clear enough to see clearly the road ahead and whether there were other vehicles or pedestrians.
In particular, the night driving car meets the tall SUV or the big truck to open the long light, it is a very crumble thing. Do not stop by experience or luck, stop and go again, safety first.
 2. When the car was swayed to the car:
Anti glare rearview mirror
It is the best solution to use the anti glare rear view mirror as the best solution, automatically open the switch, and manually switch the small button below the rearview mirror, which is the fastest and most effective solution.
Give back car tips under safety
If the rear car continues to open long light lights, or frequent flashing light, you can use intermittent brakes to prompt the rear car, but do not have a retaliatory mentality to come to the brakes, this will endanger the safety of yourself and others, so far. You can also use the rear fog lamp or double flash to give hints. However, if the rear vehicle still ignores the continuous high light, there is no need to overdo it.
You can't put it over again
Some things are "disdance to hide", if the other side or not let me on the line, let the other side of the past, for their own safety, and at this time to maintain a good attitude to face, do not have retaliatory psychological and psychological. Let the rear car go beyond, do not counterattack, let him go.
The following cases often encounter a "attack" of a long light.
1. On a road without a street lamp or a dark road;
2, fewer vehicles at night;
3. Weather with poor visibility;
4, the night of the highway.
The above situation often meets the "attack" of a long light lamp, and driving at night is difficult to avoid. Especially at night, it is very difficult to avoid. Although there is a central isolation belt, it is difficult to avoid. A beam of light is irradiated for a few seconds, and immediately after the wrong car, it will be restored to darkness. People are very helpless. If your eyes have astigmatism or other discomfort, try to avoid driving at night and reduce eye damage.